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Boulder Cabinet Finishing

kitchen cabinets refinish and paint

Cabinet finishing is the specialty of JK Finishes. Our Boulder cabinet finishing services include staining, painting and decorative finishes. When looking for a Boulder finishing provider, you can be assured that with JK Finishes you will recieve the most comprehensive and professional cabinet finishing in Boulder, Colorado. Our cabinet finishing service is widely acclaimed with many satisfied clients. When planning your Boulder wood finishing project, we work closley with you or your designers from start to finish in order to create a custom cabinet finish for your home. With many samples and designs to choose from, we offer plenty of inspiration and recommendations on the selection of your cabinet finish. We also offer Boulder cabinet refinishing. With a kitchen cabinet refinish you save in many ways including the expense of delivery and in the installation of new cabinetry. Eliminate the headache of finishing and color matching. Take the entire worry out of your cabinet painting or cabinet staining project with our professional cabinet finish service in Boulder.

Matching designer finishes is no problem; we are highly experienced in color matching of stains and paints and will be glad to prepare color samples as needed. All of our cabinet finishes include the highest quality workmanship with the correction of any imperfections in the finished piece. Each piece is sealed and finished to ensure a smooth, durable and beautiful final product. We pick up of your project and deliver back to you, with the utmost care provided at every step of the way. Our modern and spacious 4,000 square foot shop is outfitted with custom spray booths, drying areas, and staging areas for staining and sanding - all waiting for you. JK Finishes looks forward to handling your Boulder cabinet finishing needs!

Cabinet Finishing Service - An Overview of Styles:

Kitchen cabinets with distressed finish

Kitchen cabinets with antique finish
  • Cabinet Staining - A stain is applied to the wood to add color and to highlight the woods natural features. We include sanding and a transparent topcoat to protect the wood from dirt and grease and maintain its beautiful look
  • Cabinet Stain & Glaze - A stain is first applied. Then a contrasting glaze is applied to the wood and wiped off. The Glaze will adhere in the natural grooves and waves of the wood surface. Any space between the mouldings will show the contrast and complementary color.
  • Cabinet Painting - A high-grade paint enamel in the desired color is applied. This is typically used on a very tight-grained wood like sycamore, birch or poplar that will take paint well without any grain showing through. We thoroughly fine sand and buff the entire surface for an ultra-smooth finish.
  • Paint & Glaze - This process is the same as with the stain and glaze where a contrasting glaze is applied to painted cabinet and wiped off.
  • Cabinet Distressing - Distressed cabinet finishes use a variety of techniques to artificially age the cabinet to give an "antique" or period look. This is often referred to as cabinet antiquing. There are many different types of cabinet antiquing including:
    • Crackle - Creating cracks in the paint or finish to mimic weathering of the surface.
    • Rub-thru - Creating worn finishes on the wood, with wear spots showing through on tapered corners and crested areas.

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